Fasting Molecule Delays Vascular Aging

A molecule produced during fasting or calorie restriction has anti-aging effects on the vascular system, which could reduce the occurrence and severity of human diseases related to blood vessels, such as cardiovascular disease, according to a study led by Georgia State University. Thus, when people overeat or become obese this molecule is possibly suppressed, which would accelerate aging.

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Artificial sweeteners may contribute to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease


FDA Bans Use of 7 Synthetic Food Additives After Environmental Groups Sue

Ever heard of these food additives? Synthetically-derived benzophenone, ethyl acrylate, methyl eugenol, myrcene, pulegone, or pyridine?

These compounds can help mimic natural flavors and are used to infuse foods with mint, cinnamon and other flavors.


You've likely never seen them on food labels because food manufacturers are permitted to label them simply as "artificial flavors."

Now, the Food and Drug Administration has announced these compounds will no longer be allowed to be used as food additives. 

These chemicals were linked to cancer in animals and ultimately posed a risk to public health. Read details here...


Artificial sweeteners may contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. 'Public health officials are rightfully concerned about the consequences of consuming sugar-sweetened beverages, such as soft drinks... and limit the intake of all sweeteners, including no-calorie sweeteners and so-called diet soft drinks...' Read details here...

Chocolate Could Provide Vital Vitamin


Many people do not get enough vitamin D. Brittle bones and an increased risk of respiratory diseases can be the result of a vitamin D deficiency. A research group at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and the Max Rubner-Institut has now identified a new, previously unknown source of vitamin D2: cocoa and foods containing cocoa have significant amounts of this important nutrient. 

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Researchers at CDC analyzed data from 1.2 million adults and found that people who exercised reported fewer days of poor mental health compared to those who didn't exercise. 

Furthermore, people who played on sports teams reported the fewest days of poor mental health. There are biological, cognitive, and social aspects to mental illness. People who are depressed often isolate themselves, so exercising with a group or sports team can help alleviate symptom of depression. Read more here

A New Prescription for Depression: Join a Team and Get Sweaty!