I offer individual or group sessions in all services to improve health and empower you with disease prevention programs. Contact me for complimentary sessions. 

Certified Health and Wellness Coaches are professionals from diverse backgrounds and education who work with individuals and groups in a client-centered process to facilitate and empower the client to achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness. Successful coaching takes place when coaches apply clearly defined knowledge and skills so that clients mobilize internal strengths and external resources for sustainable change.


Health and wellness coaching can help lifestyle medicine evolve a whole new layer of care, which supports treatment team and the efforts health care practitioners.


Health and wellness coaching goes beyond disease management approaches which focus on sound medical management of disease through medical compliance and great case management.


Health and wellness coaching integrates the lifestyle prescription into the picture and helps with behavioral compliance.

Health Coaching

Many chronic illnesses can be either caused by or exacerbated by lifestyle. Lifestyle improvement could successfully improve health outcomes and the course of the illness. Helping people change behaviors and reduce health risks, is an essential part of any wise treatment program for most, if not all chronic medical conditions.


I work with clients in discovering ways of coping with health challenges, and  to results in health and wellbeing. While I do not provide treatment, I offer health education, resources, and support for the efforts of my client’s health care providers. I serve as the behavioral change expert to help clients succeed at lasting lifestyle improvements.


Chronic Disease Management and Prevention

I approach weight loss goals as lifestyle enhancements and personal growth, not just diet and exercise.

I provide a supportive program to achieve a desirable weight as a health educator and a health coach. I have a holistic and behavioral approach to helping clients with weight loss.  I do not only focus on pounds lost, but also on measures in blood pressure, blood sugar, etc… I work with clients to explore healthy programs, and together we remove barriers to their success!

Weight Loss and Weight Management Program

Stress factors cannot be removed from life, but our reactions to the stimuli can be managed. Stress levels must be managed otherwise may lead to poor sleep quality, low energy, headaches, upset stomach, chest pain, frequent colds and infections, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, high risk of substance abuse and even suicide ideation.


It is important to recover from accumulated stress to protect mental and physical health.  I offer evidence-based programs and methods that assists in effectively managing stress in healthy ways.

Stress Management Program

I provide consultation for employee wellness programs with clear outcomes that can be powerful in effective life changes to contain or reduce costs. Health promotion interventions and wellness programs at the workplace can:

  • Foster happy and healthy employees who are informed about self-care; thus, reduces absenteeism, and increases productivity.

  • Significantly reduce disability and injury claims.

  • Lower employee turnover.

Corporate Wellness Program Consultation

Health promotion positively influences the health behavior of individuals and communities as well as the living and working conditions that influence health. Health promotion improves the health status of individuals, families, communities, states, and the nation.


Health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing knowledge or influencing attitudes. It provides an opportunity to acquire information and the skills needed to make quality health decisions.

Certified Health Education Specialist is a health professional who has passed the national credentialing exam and is certified to work within the field of public health to help others achieve their maximum health and wellness through educational programs and guidance. I work with individuals and communities to improve or maintain their health by engaging in behaviors that promote positive health. I provide individual and group programs in all listed services. I develop programs aimed at bringing information on exercise, nutrition, and disease prevention to those who need it.

Health Promotion and Health Education